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Our Story

Founded in the belief that professional success and personal wellbeing are inherently connected, SOMO Cowork is a hub where great work and good living go hand-in-hand. SOMO Cowork empowers our members to reclaim a sustainable balance between work, wellness, and mindful living. We do so by providing convenience, flexibility, and a vibrant, socially-conscious professional community.

Our Values

SOMO Cowork is more than just a workspace. We are a values-driven professional community built on four core pillars.


We strive to make healthy living easier and more accessible through thoughtfully-designed spaces and wellness-focused amenities.


We understand the value of community and we passionately support its growth both within our walls and in Sonoma County at large.


We believe in doing what’s good for people and good for the planet, operating ethically and sustainably as part of the One Planet Community initiative.

Creative Arts

We find inspiration in nature, art, and local culture and proactively infuse these elements into our spaces, our programming, and our community.

Developed by the SOMO Village

SOMO Cowork is an extension of the SOMO Village community, which is a mixed-use development located in Northern California.

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Our team


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